5 Big differences between UX & UI design



Good article explaining why UX is not UI, rather an all encompassing field in which UI is piece of the puzzle.

I do want to argue the 3rd point they made: “UX Helps Users Accomplish Goals, UI Makes Emotional Connections”.

I don’t believe that is necessarily true, I believe the experience itself is what evokes an emotional response. The Interaction Design Foundation defines User Interface (UI) design as the process of making interfaces in software or computerized devices with a focus on looks or style. While visual appeal (or even sound) can evoke a certain emotion, it’s not the only way to do so.

Interactions are what I think cause the most emotional responses.
The ease of use can cause a poor or positive experience, evoking negative feelings or positive ones. The result of such an interaction could evoke a response. If you get receive your test grades and see that you’ve got an A+ on a test, you are probably thrilled, whereas if you got a D, you’d probably beat yourself up about not studying enough.

So many things can evoke emotion, not just UI.


@halebales24, great analysis. I would like to make a counter-argument to that point you made. I totally agree to this point:

But to evoke an emotional response, a user needs to interact with the system. UI provides the tools to interact with the system, eventually driving the emotional response. So I think UI plays a significant part in making emotional connections.