How do you guys find UX problems to solve?


I have been trying to keep my eyes/ears open to see what problem exist today that can be easily solved by some change in the user experience. But ideas are hard to come by. Anyone experiencing the same?



@uxaspirant Dave, great question. You would be amazed at the sheer number of problem that exists today. We have become so engrossed in our daily lives and that we have taken things as they are, we turn a blind eye to the problems.

I would suggest looking for things that cause friction in your day-to-day lives. If you think removing that friction or easing it can provide a great user experience, then you have found the problem.


I want to expand on what @superuxer touched on with finding things in our day-to-day lives.

Starting out in UX design, my immediate thought was making websites and apps easier, more accessible, and better looking. But UX is much more than just the digital world, it’s everywhere! Anything from the minute challenges of trash management in the home and watching our favorite tv shows using a single remote, to the big business topics of space and comfort on longer plane rides and creating a safe environment in a hospital for patients.
It’s all about the experiences we face, whether day-to-day or out of the norm. Try brainstorming ideas by thinking of things you want to do, places you want to go, events you want to take part in. Then think about the tasks it takes to plan those out, how to complete the task, any obstacles that you may come across, challenges in your environment. It could be something simple or super complex, but as long as you get your brain working and churning out ideas, it will help you to think this way more often and come up with creative solutions and theories.


Great answers @superuxer, @halebales24.
@uxaspirant, I would suggest looking at the things/flows that do not form a coherent story. Humans are great at absorbing anything in a story form. That’s why great movies with great stories provide an awesome experience.

Watch out for plot holes, broken stories in your daily life and come up with ways to improve the story.


Thanks @superuxer, @ruxtar, @halebales24. Great answers and suggestions. I like that we need to remove friction from better user experience.