UX Challenge: Copy Text From Computer


Preface: Sometimes I wish there was an easier way to copy the URL or some text from my computer to my mobile phone. Right now if my laptop and phone are not signed in through same Apple ID then I have to manually type in the text in my notes/safari app. However I think there is an easier painless way to copy the text from my computer to my phone.

Problem: Copying text/url from computer to phone sucks.

Challenge: Design the UX for an app that simply copies the text to clipboard of the phone. The clipboard text could be a URL or simply a note that can be pasted to any app of interest.

[Image Credit: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/]


Problem: No easier way to copy text from computer to mobile phone.

Solution: Use OCR (Optical character recognition) app to copy the focused text to clipboard.

UX: A Simple mobile app that opens up directly to camera which shows zoomed up. Any text that is in the zoom gets displayed on the screen as a list. User can tap on any of the items on the list to copy to clipboard.
Here are the steps:

  1. Open up the app
  2. Ask for camera permissions to new users.
  3. As the camera permissions are given, start scanning the background for any text presence.
  4. Run OCR on the text under camera and list it as a bulleted list on the phone screen.
  5. Each list item has a “copy to clipboard” icon.
  6. User taps on any of the items to copy the text to clipboard.
  7. User can use the copied text with any app of interest.


Possible solutions :

  1. OCR as mentioned in the previous solution.

  2. If ocr not very efficient or effective; perhaps a small tool on the pc that enables generating a QR or Rich QR code after selecting a text. Scanning the code with phone camera can translate it back to its text value.

  3. I guess users would use any cloud based services that are connected to both to share information between devices ( mail, google tools, IM…)


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