UX Challenge: Create custom landing page for each referred user



Startup founders often need to promote their businesses at multiple websites. It could be in the form of facebook post, facebook ad, google ad, blog post, or any other content platform. And the most common way to generate a call back is through a website URL that lands the user on the business landing page of the startup.
However, the business landing page looks same no matter where the users are coming from. If the landing page were customizable, more users would convert to using the business (downloading the app, signing up for services, etc)


No quick and re-usable service exists today that customizes the landing page for the users coming in from a referrer.


Design a service that does the following

  • Creates unique url for each source
  • Provides customization landing page template that can be integrated with the existing landing page.
  • Shows the custom landing page to the user according to the referrer.

[Image Credit: https://www.slideshare.net/Friendbuy/5-tactics-to-increase-referral-landing-page-conversions]