UX Challenge: Design a Bluetooth box to cure our smartphone addiction



When I reach home, I often catch myself unnecessarily glued to my smartphone/tablet. These devices have become an indispensable part of my daily life. Instead of me controlling them, they control me. And the sad part is, it’s not just me, but it has become a story of every household. I wish I could go back to the landline phones. It introduced considerable friction in making and taking calls. If we could bring that friction back to our smartphones, probably we wouldn’t be glued so much to them.


We are excessively glued to our smartphones.

UX Challenge

Design a box that looks like an old landline phone, but has sections into it in which up to four smartphones can be inserted. The smartphones are connected to the box using Bluetooth, and the box is capable of making/receiving phone calls. What would be the UX for

  • Setting up the box
  • Pairing up to 4 smartphones
  • Receiving calls
  • Making calls.

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We could simply have users use flip phones instead of smartphones :smiley:


haha true. Or may be one the new phones called light phone:


Setting up the box & Pairing:
The fake telephone will have a dialpad and 4 pairing buttons to toggle between 4 phones.

  1. User opens up and powers up the box.
  2. User taps on one of the pairing buttons and pairs his phone over Bluetooth.
  3. He similarly sets up the other three phones and pairs them with the box over Bluetooth.

Receiving Calls:
When a call comes on phone 1, the pairing button flashes. The user can then simply tap the pairing button, pick up the receiver, and take the call which will be basically directed over Bluetooth. If another call comes in, two pairing buttons will start flashing. The user can tap one of the buttons to pick up the call and the other one is ended. If a call comes in while one call is already answered, the user can hold the call and take another one or end the first call and take the other one. He can simply end the other call too by long-tapping on the pairing button of that phone.

Making Calls:
UX for making calls:

  1. Tap on the pairing button.
  2. dial the number on the dialpad and get connected.

The telephone box for a particular phone is activated only when the phone is inserted in the box.