UX Challenge: Design a massaging toothbrush



Everyday we brush our teeth, and there are many different kinds of brushes available. Even the ones with a tongue cleaners at the back. In fact, there are different brushes for cleaning the back of your tongue. However, there is no tool available to massage our gums. Massaging gums is essential to having great teeth as massaging strengthens hold. I wish there was such a tool which would let us massage our gums


No tool exists that helps in massaging our gums.


Design a brush or an extension that:

  • is soft
  • easily reachable in all corners of the mouth
  • provides a great massaging experience of the gums

[Image Credit: http://westmeadedental.com/toothbrush-dental-care-innovation/]


This video gave me further understanding of the importance of massaging our gums and ways we can do that with a normal toothbrush.

After watching this video, it gave me an idea for how we can improve upon this method.

Some people may brush too hard, which not only isn’t good for your teeth, but it isn’t good for your gums either. So one thing we can do is create extendable soft, rubber-textured bristles.
[Image credit: https://www.amazon.com/Oral-B-Pro-Health-CrossAction-Toothbrush-Bristles/dp/B003CP12Q6]
There are already tooth brushes like this out there, but the rubber bristles aren’t long enough. This may be so that they don’t interfere with scrubbing the teeth properly. But we can fix this so that it doesn’t negate to clean the teeth.
By making them likely to bend outward towards the place where they are likely to come in contact with the gums, we can avoid interfering with brushing the teeth.