UX Challenge: Design a personalized jobsite



Jobsites today suck. Every time I am looking for a job, I have to search for jobs in the area of my expertise and filter through each job I am interested in and then apply to each of them. I wish there was just a simple text box in which I just enter “I am looking for an Engineering Manager position that can oversee mobile app development in the top tech companies”, or “I am looking for a Product Manager role at upcoming startups that have raised their series A/B funding”. Then I upload my latest resume, and I am done.
I should start getting notifications about the prospective opportunities and arrange for an interview.


No personalized job search site exists today


Design a UX for such a personalized jobsite that does all the work with your minimal inputs.

[Image Credit: http://www.betterworld4all.org/benefits-using-recruitment-agencies-job-search/]


+1. I would like the same kind of service for Design jobs as well.