UX Challenge: Design a polling app for managers



As a manager, I sometimes wish there was a way to send a poll to my direct subordinates and get anonymous replies. This would help me gauge the progress of the project, employee morale, and set the course right. I wish there was an easy app that would let me do just that.


An app that lets managers poll employees morale, doesn’t exist


Design an app that has the following features

  • Managers can invite their employees to the app
  • They should be able to post daily polls. Polls could be team level, department level, or Org level.
  • At the end of a week, a month, or a quarter, and more, managers should get a report on each poll in a bar graph or pie charts.
  • If the manager’s manager has the app, then she should also be able to see the data for tapping into the employees’ morale.

[Image Credit: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/220000]