UX Challenge: Design a pouring extension for pots and pans



I use different types of cooking pots to boil liquid and pour them out into another container/containers. However, overtime I try to pour out there is some spillage. I wish there was some kind of an extension that would all the pots and pans and could be used to pour liquid without any spillage.


Pots and Pans flanges are not enough to avoid liquid spillage.


Design a liquid pouring extension that fits any kind of pot/pan and it should avoid spillage.

[Image Credit: https://www.fivespotgreenliving.com/5-ways-organize-pots-pans-kitchen/]


A simple nozzle that easily slips around the circumference of the pots and sticks to it should work.

  1. Nozzle and the body made of silicone with a curved wire in the rim for support.
  2. The wire in the rim holds on to the rim of the pot and sticks to it.
  3. The wire should be able to fit on a pot of any circumference.