UX Challenge: Design a smart whiteboard that syncs up with your phones/emails



In most of the company meetings, employees engage in a lot of whiteboarding while brainstorming on upcoming projects. Even during technical interviews, prospective engineers are supposed to write code on the whiteboard. Eventually, every meeting ends up with people taking pictures of the writings on the whiteboard in order to save them and refer to them later. However, there is a lot of friction in taking pictures and then sharing them with your teammates. I wish there were an easier way and technology that could enable saving the whiteboarding sessions with all the involved members.


Taking pictures of the writings on the whiteboard in order to refer to them for later, is cumbersome.


Design a whiteboarding system that enables the following

  • Works as existing whiteboards. People can use markers to write on them.
  • Makes it easy to share the writings with the meeting members.

[Image Credit: https://medium.com/graphicfacilitation/whiteboard-tips-and-tricks-92966fdef3fe]