UX Challenge: Design A Toothpaste/Mouth Cleanser With Zero Waste



Toothpaste is a commodity that produces a lot of waste. Firstly, you can never finish the toothpaste. There is always some left. Secondly, you have to discard the plastic casing contributing to the plastic pollution. There has to be a way where toothpaste can be re-imagined which produces zero waste.


Using current form of toothpaste and its packaging produces waste.


Design a new kind of mouth cleanser that produces Zero waste (or biodegradable waste) which can be made commercially available.

[Image Credit: https://zerowastenerd.com/2016/05/remineralizing-zero-waste-toothpaste.html%3Fspref%3Dpi%26m%3D1]



This could be simply done by just finding a biodegradable packaging for small bite size chunks of toothpaste.

  • The packaging needs to be edible
  • the packaging will be bite/pill size container that will contain the toothpaste or mouth cleansing oil.
  • all the pills can be then packaged into a paper container and be sold to consumers.

The pill packaging and the container are all biodegradable and it will reduce the toothpaste wastage and the plastic pollution.


That’s a great solution. I hope someone is working on it.


The packaging will need to have an expiry date as it will more likely be a perishable item.
But overall a great solution to avoid waste.


This will be a hit on shark tank!


Thank you. I am looking to productize this :slight_smile: