UX Challenge: Design an app to send time capsules to the future



Often times, I feel I need to send a video to my friends which can only be viewed at a later time that I decide. The video shouldn’t be available before the scheduled time. Video messages like, birthday/anniversary wishes, personal reminders, or simply reviewing a personal goal promise that you would like to visit back to check on it’s progress. I wish there was an app that would let me do just that: Schedule video in the future.


There is no app that lets me schedule videos in the future to myself/my friends.

UX Challenge

Design a video app, that lets you send videos to yourself/your friends at a scheduled time in the future.
The app should

  • Have capability to record videos
  • Should be able to send videos which are viewable immediately or in the future.
  • The receiver should be notified of it immediately about a future video in their video lists
  • The receiver should be able to reply with a video/text once they have viewed the original video.

[Image Credit: https://unshootables.com/200-year-old-time-capsule-discovered-boston/]