UX Challenge: Design Augmented Reality Glasses/Lenses



All the big companies like Google, Facebook, Apple are betting big on Augmented Reality. As technology it’s pretty awesome, but there is no device at present that makes the AR experience easier. Phones are an average segue to AR experience, but not desirable. Ideally a device that you can reliably wear and fits naturally as part of the experience would be great. The problem is such a device doesn’t exist today. I wish there was a such a device which would have made developing AR based breakout applications easier.


No Augmented Reality viewing device provides a great user experience.


Design a wearable for Augmented Reality that

  • Fits naturally into the experience
  • Provides an easy access to switching on and off the AR experience
  • Is not creepy to look at. Onlookers shouldn’t feel that they are constantly being recorded or taken pictures of.
  • Makes a fashion statement.

[Image Credit: https://bgr.com/2018/08/30/apple-glasses-release-2020-akonia-acquisition/]


With augmented reality becoming a more recognizable technology that many companies are accepting as a part of their research, we could eventually see more variety of options of wearable technology.

Glasses seem like a good solution to fixing the large hunk of technology that gets strapped to our eyes such as Google’s VR Headset.

But another interesting concept would be VR Contacts. The idea is expressed in the video below of how it could potentially work.

You place the contact on your eye and instantly your world has Virtual Reality aspects added to it. It allows for an easy and seamless user experience that isn’t creepy looking, unless your contact lenses have some abnormal eye color like those used in The First Purge.


Wow, this is awesome! True power of Augmented Reality.


I just found out that there is a cool pair AR glasses demoed on product hunt:


Thanks for sharing @twisterinc! It’s great seeing people trying provide solutions and ideas that may eventually come to reality.