UX Challenge: Design UX for reverse augmented reality furniture shopping app



There are many Augmented Reality apps like Amazon, Ikea, Wayfair, etc that let me shop their furniture collection at my home by placing the items virtually in my room. However, when I am at a real furniture shop, there is no app that lets me see how the furniture will look in my room. I wish there was an app that could do reverse Augmented Reality: Either showing it in my room or creating my room virtually in the shop around the furniture.


No reverse augmented reality app exists that lets me shop at furniture stores and view it in my room.


Design a UX for an app that lets you shop furniture at a store by placing the furniture in your room virtually.

[Image Credit: https://siliconangle.com/2017/11/01/amazon-app-lets-experiment-new-furniture-using-augmented-reality/]


This is interesting. I will attempt to create a UX for this one.


Here is what the app UX should be:

  1. As soon as the user downloads the app,
    a. Explain what the app does: When you go furniture shopping in a store, view the furniture in your room
    b. Prompt the user to record the video of the interiors of the house and save it.
  2. Engage the users by sending notifications weekly or semi-weekly about furniture tips. This will keep the app on top of their minds when going furniture shopping.
  3. Create print ads near furniture stores to remind users to use the app in store.
  4. Once inside the store
    a. If the users likes a furniture item, they simply need to take picture of the items.
    b. App removes the background and shows the pictures of the interior where the user wants to place the furniture.
    c. Once the user indicates where the furniture needs to be placed, the app creates a video of the entire experience, which would help the user in making purchase decision.


Nice idea, but looks like it is going to involve a lot of computer vision. I don’t think this type of tech exists yet.