UX Challenge: Encrypting SSN and preventing identity theft


Preface: Many companies ask for SSN from individuals for verification purposes. E.g. Hospitals ask for SSN to verify the historical data of patients. Lenders ask for SSN to confirm the credit scores. However, none of these companies are interested in storing the SSNs. Why should one put the SSN at risk by giving it to companies that do not wish to store it? There are other ways to extract information companies are looking for. Could there be one service that does the same thing for you with all the encryption security in place?

Problem: Unnecessary sharing of SSN with companies that do not wish to store it. This greatly puts the individuals at risk for identity thefts.

Challenge: Design a service that provides the information companies are looking for without divulging the SSN number to them.

[Image Credit: http://tomcopelandblog.com/should-you-give-your-social-security-number-to-a-parent-who-is-doing-a-background-check-on-you-1]