UX Challenge: Idol-less worship


Preface: There are many religions in the world in which it prohibited to do idol worship. Even then the followers of the faith would like to establish an idol in their places of worship. E.g., Buddhism doesn’t recommend idol worship, but if you go to any Buddhist temple, you would see the idols of Buddha.

Problem: Followers are practicing idol worship despite not being recommended.

Challenge: Design a sanctum where there is no idol, but followers can still feel the presence of the idol.

Please follow the following guidelines to solve the UX challenge:

  1. Understand the problem before jumping into solving it.
  2. Propose at least 2 ways the problem could be solved.
  3. What would the alternate universe look like where this problem never existed. You need to narrow down to the scope of the problem.

[Image Credit: https://www.atlasobscura.com/places/grangaramaya-vihara-temple]