UX Challenge: Improve Car Entrance


Preface: I own a sedan, and every day I drive to and back from work.
Typical work day:

  1. Get ready for work
  2. Unlock car
  3. Get inside my car and drive to work
  4. After work, leave for the car
  5. Unlock car
  6. Get inside my car and drive back home

Problem: While entering the car I have to bend my neck which, over the years has resulted in a neck sprain. Alternatively, I have to hang on the handlebar while entering and then slump on the seat.

Challenge: Redesign the car entrance so that I can just walk into the car and drive.

Please follow the following guidelines to solve the UX challenge:

  1. Understand the problem before jumping into solving it.
  2. Propose at least 2 ways the problem could be solved.
  3. What would the alternate universe look like where this problem never existed. You need to narrow down to the scope of the problem.

[Image Credits: Worldartsme http://worldartsme.com/entering-car-clipart.html#gal_post_73203_entering-car-clipart-1.jpg]


The problem is: You have to bend your neck while entering the car. So the solution should be such that you don’t have to bend your neck and enter the car freely.
What kind of door would allow you to do this?

  1. A car which has an opening on the top which closes when the door is shut.
  2. A car which has falcon wing doors similar to the ones in Tesla Model-X

What would the product look like if the problem didn’t exist:

  1. No cars, but a better public transport system.
  2. Cars without door but a better secured restraint for the driver.
  3. Driverless cars so no need to drive the car.
  4. Motorcycles all the way.


Problem: While entering the car you have to bend your neck which, over the years has resulted in a neck sprain.

I would redesign the car entrance so that you wouldn’t have to worry about bending your neck at all. The entrance would be as easy as sitting in a chair.

There are 2 possible options I have found:

  1. Redesign the car in a way where the front of the car is able to open and close or lift up like Lamborghini doors to expose the front seats like the example below

  2. Another way you could prevent neck sprain is to step up in to the car instead of down like the example below

    Basically the doors would open like the sliding doors of a supermarket and the car would be higher off the ground requiring you to step up to get in. Which would decrease neck strain.

The alternate universe where it was not a strain to get in your car would be where all cars open and close from the front or the roof of the car extends just enough for you to walk in to the car and sit down comfortably.

  1. Problem: Neck sprain because of too much bending and slumping. Challenge: Redesign the car door. Question: Why the door?

  2. Solution:
    A. Fix the roof: Make your car/buy a convertible, and leave the roof open when you get home/work. Walk in, sit down. No bending or slumping. Just standing and sitting.
    B. Fix the roof #2: Get a sunroof right above the driver’s seat, get a pair of extensible steps, and enter the car through the sunroof. A little weird, but no more neck bending.

  3. Scope of the problem: neck strain. Alternate universe: Cars where drivers would be standing instead of sitting.


Problem: While entering the car you have to bend my neck which, over the years has resulted in a neck sprain. The solution should result in you being able to get into the car freely and easily without any strains or weird maneuvering

This could be solved in these ways:

  1. The door could slide upwards making easy for you to enter the vehicle.

  2. The entire side of the car could slide up giving you full access to the drivers side.

  3. The front of the car could split into, making it easy for you to walk directly into the car, the sky is your ceiling and then, once seated, the car moves into position and closes around you.

The problem would never exist if you didn’t have to use your car as often. It’s the frequency of usage that is causing a strain on your neck. If you simply requested and received approval to work remotely, you would have all of the flexibility you desire in your own house.


I like the 1st solution. You could just walk in into the car.


Good one! I like the alternate universe one. You could just drive the car standing or maybe just have an autonomous car which drives itself.


Thanks! This is a fun way to exercise the brain. I’ll do this frequently.