UX Challenge: Medication Reminder System


Preface: When the doctors prescribe medication to their patients, the doctors assume that the patients will be taking medication on time and without a miss. However, that is not the case. Most of the patients are highly irregular at taking medicines and often forget taking some at all. That is even though missing medication may have an undesired effect, like complications/diseases resurfacing for which the drug was prescribed.

Problem: Patients forget to take the prescribed medication on time.

Challenge: Design a service/app/system that reminds the patients to take the prescribed medication on time.

[Image Credit: https://www.drugs.com/article/taking-your-medicine.html]

Please follow the following guidelines to solve the UX challenge:

  • Design the user experience without delving into how the service would look.
  • What would the alternate universe look like where this problem never existed. You need to narrow down to the scope of the problem
  • Reply to this post if you need more clarification


Problem: Patients often forget to take the prescribed medication on time.

People can genuinely forget to take medication, but more often than not they are simply bored of it and are willing to take risk of not taking the medication. If we could bring some accountability to taking medication then there is a high likelihood that people will take medication on time.
Accountability could be in the form of having a closed one reminding the patient to take medicines or taking off certain privileges from the patient until the medication is taken.

Solution 1:
This solution focuses on the privileges part.

The solution’s main theme is that if the patient forgets to take medication, it will trigger restricting wifi-access to all at home. This will bring in accountability as well as privilege restrictions. Here is what the flow will look like:

  1. Patient has a reminder app on their phones with schedule for medicines.
  2. If the patient forgets to take medication by not logging it into the app, it triggers a reminder to all the kin.
  3. If even after kin come back to remind the patient, the patient doesn’t take the medication, then the wifi router is switched to a restricted mode that limits internet access.
  4. If the patient successfully logs in the app that they have taken medicine, the restrictions are removed.

Solution 2:
A medicine dispenser bottle that will emit a weak annoying sound until the required dosage is dispensed. The sound maybe similar to the sound when one forgets to put on a seatbelt in the car. The dispenser would be small and easily programmable with dosage info and timing.

Something similar to this but much simpler:

[Image credit: https://medqpillbox.com/timed-medicine-dispenser/]