UX Challenge: Redesign the Keurig



Many times I find myself struggling to make coffee in the mornings before heading out to work.
I use a 20 oz Stainless Steel portable water bottle to transport my coffee, but the problem is, I can’t fit the thermos underneath the Keurig. It’s made to fit coffee mugs and smaller portable bottles. So I find myself having to make the coffee in a mug, which I then pour over my sink into my thermos, splashing everywhere with maybe 75% of the coffee left to drink, and cleaning up the mess.


Keurigs are not made for tall water bottles to pour coffee into.


Find a way to redesign the Keurig to make coffee for taller water bottles. Get creative!


Great challenge. I have the same problem :smiley:


Good problem to solve. This is how I would have redesigned the Keurig:

Solution 1:

  • The coffee dispenser nozzle could be pulled out horizontally as well as the base platform.
  • The base platform where we keep the bottles, could be lowered to a desired height.

Solution 2:

  • The coffee dispenser could be moved vertically up so that there is enough room for a tall bottle.

Solution 3:

  • An extension pipe that could be easily fitted into the nozzle and can pour directly into the bottle.

Solution 4:

  • Stop drinking coffee :smiley:


Thanks for providing so many solutions @uxaspirant!

I like your solution 1 ideas. Having the capability to extend or remove items from the Keurig as sort of “building blocks” can help the user make it more personable and geared towards how they make coffee.