UX Challenge: Redesign the smart phone experience



Smart phones are a pain to deal with they are supposed to make our lives easier but they actually make it hard to do what we want to do. When I need to use my smart phone I have to unlock it with a fingerprint that may or may not read or a code. Then when I am finally in the phone there are too many distractions that keep me from my goal wether it be all the random notifications from different apps or having to search through the endless amount of apps in the App Store to perform the specific task I wanted to complete. In the end it’s a huge waste of time. I feel things could be improved!


The smart phone experience as it is now is full of distractions and a huge time waster.


Your challenge if you choose to accept it is to redesign the phone experience so that people can be much more productive and find what they are looking for faster.


Great Challenge @Oneil. I think we need some kind of non-distraction mode which lets you use the phone only for one app and then you have to lock the phone and unlock it again to use another app. This friction will considerable lower the usage of phone and keep you in track to use just one app.
Here is how we should approach the solutions in my opinion:

  1. Have a “Hawkeye” mode in the phone which is basically a name for using just one app.
  2. User turns on the hawkeye mode.
  3. If the user needs to use, let’s say Uber app, she needs to unlock the phone with Uber icon on the top.
  4. Once the phone is unlocked, Uber app opens up.
  5. In hawkeye mode, the app is not dismissible.
  6. To disable the hawkeye mode, the user has to unlock the phone with settings app.
  7. Incoming phone calling is the only event that can put the hawkeye mode app in the background. When the phone call is over, the backgrounded app comes to the foreground.


This one is great. If apple/android could make such a mode possible, it would be a huge time-saver.


I like this idea! It would definitely keep me from going on instagram and getting distracted from my tasks. Thank you for the well thought out response twisterinc.