UX Challenge: Rethink Wallet/Phone/Car Keys


Preface: Whenever I am going out I always have to carry three things:

  1. Keys to my car
  2. Phone
  3. Wallet

Problem: I feel all these things bloat up my trousers and somewhere at the back of my mind I stay uncomfortable carrying them. I feel if I could just walk out without the need to carry at least one thing, my life would be simpler.

Challenge: Rethink how I could remove one or all of these things while leaving home.

Please follow the following guidelines to solve the UX challenge:

  1. Understand the problem before jumping into solving it.
  2. Propose at least 2 ways the problem could be solved.
  3. What would the alternate universe look like where this problem never existed. You need to narrow down to the scope of the problem.

[Image Credit: https://www.thecrownprints.com/products/pkw-phone-keys-wallet]


Problem: These three things bloat up your trousers and you feel uncomfortable

Challenge: Remove at least one or all of these things

Solution #1: You can buy backpack and put wallet and keys in your backpack because you use them not as often as phone.

Solution #2: Transfer all of your money in to mobile apps and make all transactions via app. Therefore, you don’t need wallet anymore.

Scope of the problem: Feeling uncomfortable.

Alternative universe solution: Wristwatch that helps you to get in the car, make all the payments and make other activities related to phone


I like the wristwatch solution, however I think it is very much possible in our universe.


I agree with @Maksat and @uxaspirant, creating a wristwatch would be a great idea.

It could allow access to the vehicle and starting the engine.
Maintain all forms of payment so when you purchase something, they can wave it in front of a scanner and make a purchase.
And like the Apple watch today, you can receive texts and write back (one letter at a time), but adding the ability to also receive and make calls over the watch.

[Image Credit: https://smartwatches.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/dick-tracy-smartwatch-257x300.jpg]