Why you should be writing UX case studies


UX portfolio is outdated. If you want to showcase you talent, show the case studies.


I loved reading this article.

It’s extremely true in the world today.

When I was looking for jobs, I had reached out to plenty of CEOs, cofounders, Hiring managers, and developers from within companies I was applying to and every single one of them would tell me the same thing, “Show us the work.”

They didn’t simply mean visuals and mockups, but the reasoning behind the project, who it’s made for, and how it would help them. Companies love great designs, but their only great if they help the user and the company. If you design a chair thinking, “Wow, this is a unique, modern, sleek design that follows all of today’s principles and trends. They’re gonna love it!” and months down the road wonder why no one has hired you for your creative chair design, don’t be so surprised. No one is going to simply buy a chair for it’s look and appeal, they may want it for comfort, good posture, ease of adjustment, functionality, and so much more.

If you can share a story and show case studies, companies will be more inclined to hear what you have to say.


@halebales24 great insight! thanks for chiming in. I agree, the process is more interesting than the outcome.